Redshift Intelligence Case Management System

The Redshift Case Management System is a turnkey solution designed to help organisations capture, analyse, process, investigate and resolve cases with confidence and ease. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, users can enjoy a consistent, secure experience across desktops, web browsers and mobile devices.

Streamline operations

Streamline your operations from start to finish. Capture case notes, photos, documents and other rich data with greater efficiency. Gain instant access to all case-related documents and information using the comprehensive searching and audit logs. Assign Cases, Information Reports, Enquiries and share information swiftly and securely.

Featured Modules

The Redshift Intelligence Case Management System is a fully integrated solution comprising a suite of modules; each module has been designed to provide specialised functions for each stage of the case management and investigation process, from managing entities right through to case resolution and reporting.

The modules work seamlessly together to create an intuitive and streamlined end-user experience across any device. Each module is configurable, allowing administrators to tailor and fine-tune parameters and settings for maximum flexibility.

  • Entities - Manage entities, such as people, organisations, addresses, animals, substances and vehicles, and their relationships
  • Information Reports - Capture intelligence data with ease, analyse and report findings
  • Cases - Create, track and manage cases. Capture and collect all intelligence and case-related information in one central repository, assign cases to investigators, generate briefs
  • Custom Templates - Set up your custom document templates unique to your business
  • Enquiries - Capture enquiries and complaints from any device and integrate with information reports and cases
  • Alerts and Notifications - Manage your own automated alerts and notifications based on conditions

Product Key Features

  • Structured, centralised repository of all intelligence and case information
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Intuitive and consistent user interface
  • Comprehensive audit logs
  • Searching of all information using fields and parameters
  • Configuration of system keywords and selections
  • Entities management including relationships and associations
  • Intelligence information including integration with cases
  • Capturing of notes, photos and other rich data
  • Document and correspondence management
  • Locking of sensitive cases and information reports
  • Comprehensive reporting and data exporting functions
  • Highly configurable system alerts and notifications
  • Granular access controls and privileges
  • Secure access for mobile devices and tablets

Why choose the Redshift Case Management System?

The Redshift Intelligence Case Management System not only offers a highly reliable, mature and flexible case management solution in one package, we combine it with industry expertise and experience you can rely on.

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